Surf Girl


(All Prices in Canadian Dollars)

The artwork depicts a woman surfing on a wave, with the woman’s hair and the stylized wave around her in motion forming the words’ surf’. The woman is depicted wearing a bathing suit and riding a lock on a surfboard, and the artwork is rendered in a style that is both realistic and expressive.

The “Surf Girl” artwork is to be part of a more extensive collection of surf-themed art in celebrating all things summer and all the great outdoor activities it affords us. My love for the ocean and surfing sport has been an inspiration for this piece. My retro style is characterized by bright, bold colours and a sense of movement and energy, which are evident in the “Surf Girl” artwork.

Overall, the “Surf Girl” artwork is a beautifully rendered depiction of the sport of surfing, capturing the thrill and excitement of riding a wave. Whether displayed as a print or digital download, this artwork will surely be a striking addition to any space.

The artwork is available for purchase in various formats, including as a print on paper or canvas or as wearable art. The webpage provides several options for purchasing the artwork, including the ability to select the size and material of the print and the opportunity to have the painting framed or unframed.

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