Retro Surfs Up Poster



The artwork “Surf’s Up” by Sassan Filsoof depicts a surfer riding a huge barrel wave on a surfboard, with white foam at the crest of the wave. The surfer is shown in the center of the artwork, with one arm extended out to the side for balance and the other arm behind the back, possibly for added momentum. The surfer is in mid-action balancing, suggesting that the wave they are riding is large and potentially dangerous.

The composition of the artwork is dynamic, with the surfer’s posture and the curve of the wave creating a sense of movement and energy. The limited use of colour is also effective in conveying the feeling of the ocean and the power of the wave and gives the piece a distinctly retro feel. The blue tones used for the background are cool and calming, while the white foam at the top of the wave adds a sense of excitement and intensity.

Overall, “Surf’s Up” captures the thrill and beauty of surfing, and the artist’s use of colour and composition helps to convey the sense of adventure and excitement that comes with riding a wave. The artwork would likely appeal to surfers and those who appreciate the sport, as well as anyone who enjoys dynamic and energetic compositions.

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