Jellyfish Woman


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Jellyfish woman backlit by a mosaic of art deco style blue orbs stained glass.

I remember way back in the days of art school being quite fascinated with some of Disney’s older animations. I would study some of their artist-published portfolios and be greatly inspired by their craftsmanship. One of my favourite movies at the time was Fantasia.

There are so many scenes I could mention as being innovative in their conception, but one that particularly stands out is “The Dance Of the Sugarplum Fairy” with Tchaikovsky’s entrancing music piece. At the time, trying my hardest to be good at my art I wished to one day be able to create such inspiring and magical scenes. I can think of the flower fairy being present in my subconscious when I created the Jellyfish Woman. 

Just like at the time of its creation, Art Deco was permeating the art of the day. I felt like reviving this period with this piece while giving it a modern twist.

Jellyfish come in a dazzling array of colours, shapes and sizes. They are such fascinating creatures in existence for more than five to seven hundred million years, thus making them the oldest multi-organ animal group. 

Their deceptive beauty and grace belie a hidden deadliness with trailing tentacles that can extend far out ready to ensnare any unsuspecting passing prey. Inspired by the grace and elegance of the fashion runways models of the 20s and 30s gliding down catwalks of Paris, Milan or New York. Decked out in the flowing dresses and stylish-rimed hats of a faded era. Tapping into the nostalgia of a lost era of style and elegance, it was only natural to

blend the two contrasting yet similar worlds: one in the water, the other on land.

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