Deep Blue



This is a design for water lovers out there. Anyone who has dived and explored coastal waters will appreciate this. Considering two-thirds of this planet is covered by oceans and seas, it’s hardly a surprise we know so little about it. The ocean is a world unto itself, with a dazzling array of life of which so much still remains a mystery. 

Humans are limited to a shallow depth of exploration, mostly along coastal areas. But despite these limitations, the beauty and variety of sea life are staggering. With so much coastline, there is much that barely sees human activity. I wanted to capture the awe-inspiring sense of wonder one feels when exploring coral reefs.  

One of my customers wrote to me the other day to personally thank me for how it was able to perfectly capture an experience he and his partner had diving the Caribbean. Even though he had taken plenty of pictures with his camera, none were able to capture the sense of what he experienced until he saw this print. The manta rays, the turtles, the coral reefs, the chartered boat, the way the sun’s rays bounced and refracted in the waves above. We are often unaware of the impact we create on others’ lives. Sometimes we get to experience those very special moments that remind us that we indeed have the capacity to positively impact others.

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