Sky Skier



The “Sky Skier” artwork by Sassan Filsoof is a digital illustration featuring a skier jumping off a mountain and soaring through the air. The piece is set against snowy mountains and a clear blue sky. The skier is depicted in the center of the composition viewed from below as the skier soars through the air in mid-flight. In the distance below, a quaint alpine village is depicted under a deep snow cover.

The skier is rendered stylized, evoking a retro style and feel, with the skier caught in an action shot moment, indicating the speed and intensity of their jump. The skier is depicted in a dynamic position, with their skis extended and their body suspended mid-air. This creates a sense of tension and drama in the piece.

Overall, “Sky Skier” is a dramatic and suspenseful depiction of a skier pushing their limits and attempting a challenging jump. The use of colour and composition creates a sense of depth and distance, and the precarious position of the skier invites the viewer to wonder what will happen next. It is a reminder of the risks and challenges involved in extreme sports and the thrill of pushing boundaries.

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