Ski the Rocky Mountains



I have a soft spot for anything retro or vintage in terms of aesthetics. Vintage aesthetics bring a warm and comforting nostalgia for the ’good old days, and retro travel posters, in particular, trigger memories of past travels and explorations of new places. It is through this lens that I created this poster. 

The background of this design features a minimalistic and low-definition view of the mountains. I used the Rocky Mountains in Canada as inspiration in this case. The Rockies stretch from the Northern borders of Alaska down to the Southern Sierras and are the winter playgrounds of endless thrills for any serious skier. There is no end of steep valleys and snow-capped mountains to choose from. The fresh, brisk mountain air is medicine for the body and food for the soul; it’s no wonder so many folks drive all the way there every winter!

For this design, I depicted the skier standing and gazing out at something out of the frame in an attempt to showcase the sense of adventure and appreciation for nature that alpine skiing invokes. There’s less movement in this design compared to others in my ski series, but that’s because this one portrays more of a quiet appreciation for the sport. The warm orange and yellow tones lend to the “vintage” aesthetic of the design but also denote a sunset in the distance. Ever felt the golden rays of a setting sun on your face? It feels even more incredible from atop a snowy peak in the Rock Mountains.

This design is a great piece for avid skiers or anyone with an adventurous soul.

The mountains are calling!

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