Ski Jumper Heliski



I am a big fan of unusual angles and forced perspectives. This one is a favourite of mine. The upward curve, along with the snow-clad trees in the foreground, leads the eye to the extreme skier. Is he jumping from the helicopter? Or making a flying leap off the curved ridge to the side. Your imagination only limits the possibilities. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a soft spot for retro graphic elements, so I integrated them as a series of concentric rings in the sky. The piece is almost monochromatic in shades of blues, except for the chopper. The pop of red is enough to draw the eye to the central figure of the skier.

Extreme skiing, also known as free skiing, involves skiing over steep slopes and intense ridge lines in hard-to-access locations. There’s a pure thrill that transcends words. One extreme skier know all too well. It’s the delicate balance and dance of motion versus gravity and improvisational skill that make it as you go without constraints other than physical capability. Lightning-fast reflexes and quick judgment calls come naturally to these adrenaline junkies. The acrobatic maneuvers are only limited by their imagination and skill. I certainly don’t classify myself as such, but I admire the skill it takes to be one.

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