Rocky Mountain Adventure Extreme Skiing



Part of my winter sports series, I was Inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. I wanted to capture the solitude and peace experienced away from all human interference. I wanted to create a scene where the skier was not the focal point but rather a footnote to suggest the insignificance of our presence in such landscapes.

Looking across a panoramic view of the saw tooth mountain peaks in the distance, as a lone adventure skier scales the peak of shadowed overhanging glacial peaks.

This peace celebrates the awesomeness of natural beauty, solitude and stillness away from busy urban life. I drew on those winter colours and deep, almost neon pink hues one can get in those fleeting moments as the sun sinks in the sky. It makes the mountains pop, and the contrasting lights and darks lend excitement and mystery to the piece. The foreground footsteps in the snow add depth, drawing you into the detailed rockwork of the cliffs.

The adventure skier is a seeker of thrills and adrenaline rushes. The more challenging the terrain, the better. Any serious freestyler or backcountry skier will appreciate this piece.

It would make a great addition to any interior or office, a great way to daydream away!

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