Revelstoke Heliski



Canada is the birthplace of heli-skiing, so it’s no wonder that Revelstoke, a city that features a variety of terrain in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, offers some of the world’s most unrivalled heli-skiing experiences. Revelstoke is for serious powder seekers and is considered the Holy Grail of extreme skiing. In the winter months, you will find people from all corners of the world coming to experience this thrill of pristine powder skiing and the purest mountain air.

Alpine skiing is a magical, albeit extreme, sport. It elicits a pure, child-like adrenaline rush, much like the rush you get when riding a bike down a steep hill. And with the huge dumps of powder (around 12m a year on average), there is no shortage of steep, un-groomed terrain to choose from. No wonder it is the perfect winter activity for thrill seekers and adventurous souls.

Skiing may not be a cheap activity, but the thrill of gliding down miles of crisp, white mountain while taking in the breathtaking vistas is well worth the expense. Invite a couple of buddies to join in on the experience, and you’ve got amazing memories to look back to for a lifetime.

This design showcases the gorgeous, blue-white landscape seen from within the peak of the mountains. I included many structural elements in this image in hopes of capturing the extreme POV and the vividness of the adrenaline rush. Jagged lines and a downward slope highlight the untamed wildness of the snow-covered mountains, while textured greys and whites demonstrate the movement of the powder behind the skiers. The bright colours of the helicopter and skiers underline the excitement and pure joy for the sport and draw the eye to these figures.

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