Powder to the People


(All Prices in Canadian Dollars)

Designed with the extreme powder skier or winter sports addict in mind. 

Words have power. Certain slogans have an impact and a resonance that has stood the test of time, so in that sense, they do!  

Power to the People is one such slogan that has started revolutions and toppled dictators and governments. I used this bold statement with its somber undertones and put a humorous twist on it. Skiers and snowboarders can attest that a powder day is the ultimate pinnacle in any serious alpine ski experience, pun intended! A powder day is what thrill-seeking skiers live for, together with the ridge line drop. There is a sense of drama and excitement I wanted to convey. 

I wanted to convey the extremes in all senses, with the diagonal slope cutting across the image, the dark sky against the powder snow, and the splash of colour from the skier. The spray of powder captures the movement, speed, and quality of the snow. The typography was custom created for the piece; notice the snowflakes in the O’s, balanced between the contrasting top and bottom.

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