Moonlit Snowshoeing



If you live in the northern hemisphere, extended dark days of winter are a great opportunity to explore the backcountry. Here in BC, we are blessed with plenty of long winter nights. Blanketed under an almost suffocating, silent shroud of white, it’s as if the world has gone to sleep. The stillness is a perfect time to explore the woods and less-beaten paths with snowshoes. The crisp cold air often provides a panoramic, crystal clear view of the heavens above, sprinkled with stars like glitter from horizon to horizon; and if one is fortunate enough, the dancing waves of the northern lights in their dazzling colours can make this experience one your friends would envy anytime.

Snowshoeing is an affordable alternative to skiing and snowboarding. It’s a great way to stay active, and an activity virtually anyone can learn and pick up easily. It also burns more calories than walking–an ideal way to stay fit in these chilly winter home-bound months. What started out as a mode of transport for the Natives of North America, snowshoeing quickly evolved into a popular recreational sport for independent adventurous souls. The idea is that one “floats” on top of the snow using the principle of ‘flotation’, which prevents your feet from sinking into deep snow. 

Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the trails off-track and is free! It inspired me to create this moonlit scene of a lone cabin in the woods with its warm, inviting glow of a cracking fire and a solitary guy with his loyal best friend by his side, leading the way home.

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