Good Till the Last Drop



This one is for those thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies who are always seeking ever-bigger jumps to push the boundaries of thrill over fear.

This piece features a skier in mid-action as he drops off a snowy precipice, capturing the sense of adventure and challenge skiing can provide.

Looks intimidating, does it not? For the serious skier and adrenaline junkie, the rush of leaping to such heights makes the activity enjoyable. In such an unpredictable and wild environment, the skier’s skill and mastery over the snow prevent him from harm, and some people love the challenge!

Extreme skiing pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on snowy terrain. It’s a sport that isn’t easy to classify, as it shares similarities with freestyle skiing. Freedom and innovation define it. Much like skateboarding, extreme skiing is limited by imagination and skill. If you love the thrill and adrenaline rush of regular skiing, you will likely love Extreme skiing!

It’s a striking dynamic piece executed in a more painterly fashion that captures the thrill and excitement of extreme skiing, making it a memorable and meaningful piece for any thrill-seeking adventure skier, and winter sport lover.

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