Freestyle Skier


(All Prices in Canadian Dollars)

Similar to my Heli Ski image, this design focuses on a reverse POV. The foreground features a snow-capped cliff edge, which the orange-clad skier launches into a crossed rotation. The extreme angle lends depth and dynamics to the skier’s expert maneuver. The concentric circles and smallness of the resort showcase dizzying heights!

Looks intimidating, does no? For the avid skier or adrenaline junkie, the rush of leaping to such heights makes the activity enjoyable. In such an unpredictable and wild environment, the skier’s skill and mastery over the snow prevent him from harm, and some people love the challenge!

Freestyle skiing pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on snowy terrain. It’s a sport that isn’t easy to classify, as it shares similarities with extreme skiing. Freedom and innovation define it. Much like skateboarding, freestyle skiing is limited by imagination and skill. If you love the thrill and adrenaline rush of regular skiing, you will likely love freestyling!

This could be any ski resort village, with its deep snow cover. There are undoubtedly many ski resorts in British Columbia if you want to go skiing. Silver Star and Big White are two popular ski resorts in the Okanagan that are worth a visit if you are in the region. There, you’ll find no lack of fresh powder and happy skiers and snowboarders enjoying the natural elements.

This design is an excellent addition to any bachelor pad or man cave. It’s perfect for winter sports lovers or avid skiers.

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