Apres Ski



I had the pleasure of travelling through France a few times over the years. I loved France so much that returning became almost addictive. There was so much to digest, and it’s only when you take the time to soak it all in that you discover the richness of what France offers. One of those aspects for me was the art of living well, doing things with passion, and creating moments that enrich one’s life.

You can recreate such moments wherever you are; this is a lesson I took back home with me. This can be cooking a meal for friends, enjoying good wine, or taking time to st the moment. Living well is a lifestyle because it is an art. So let’s make it the best.

Apres ski is the French term for the social activity one does after a day of skiing. It is hardly surprising that the French coined the phrase ‘apres ski’ as a social activity and way of living! One doesn’t simply ski; one must take in the day’s action, like you are dining at a fine French restaurant. 

There is also avant skiing, which usually consists of eating a hearty breakfast and then having a good day skiing on the slopes. Then, complete the day with a warm drink, social party or, as in the case of this design, soak your aching muscles in a soothing outdoor hot tub while enjoying the sunset view of the chalet and surrounding slopes. Cheers to that! 

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