Vintage Racer


(All Prices in Canadian Dollars)

This piece depicts a vintage Ford Edsel classic racer of the late 50’s in a classic minimalist design style with an emphasis on the sleek and sensual lines. The dynamic angle and bold colour choice is a reflection of the speed and thrill of a bygone era. The Edsel’s distinctive futuristic design was a departure from the conservative styling known to Fords of its time. Despite huge investments and ambitious plans the car was  a commercial failure, it is considered a collector’s item, and is one of Ford’s infamous automotive failures.

The auto industry’s ability to recreate, reinvent, and reimagine the automobile, while working within the most exacting regulatory framework applied to any mainstream consumer product, has never failed to fascinate me.

But if you want to make a visceral connection with the art of driving, to truly experience the interface between human and machine, you need to get behind the wheel of an old car. An old car will teach you things you can never learn behind the wheel of a modern car. There are no electronic laminae between you and the hardware, tweaking and taming the laws of physics. An old car is elementally mechanical; Archimedes meets Isaac Newton. I can imagine driving this classic down some country road.

The piece is supposed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and give a timeless classic look and feel with a sense of adventure for the open road.  A great addition to any classic car enthusiast home decor.

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