Vintage Harley


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The “Born Free, Born to Ride” nods to the Harley culture and its long history in a motorcycle in America. It became the symbol of freedom and gained a cult following rapid popularity in the US and Europe. Movies such as Easy Rider further established the image of counter-culture freedom-loving non-conformist Americans. The motorcycle is a classic American cruiser with a long, low frame and gleaming chrome accents.

Built for highway cruising and the open road, this bike has the classic signature twin engine and Harley exhaust. The colours used in the artwork are predominantly shades of blue, with the wind swirls in the background rendered in rich, vibrant hues.

The slogan ‘Born Free, Born to Ride’ reinforces the theme of living life on one’s terms. The motorcycle, too, symbolizes rebellion and a desire to break free from the constraints of society. Combining these two elements creates a strong visual statement about the desire to live a life unencumbered by societal expectations and rules.

Overall, “Born Free, Born to Ride” is a striking and evocative piece of art that speaks to our desire for independence and freedom. Its bold colours and powerful imagery are sure to captivate and inspire viewers, making it a unique and meaningful work of art for those who love motorcycles, especially Harleys.

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