Retro Travel BC Camping Poster


I wanted to do a piece celebrating the natural beauty and myriad camping possibilities that British Columbia offers. One of the best ways to explore BC’s vast and varied landscapes is by camper. There are so many amazing national and provincial parks; it would take years to see them all! I’ve had the privilege of visiting a few and am rarely disappointed by the sheer beauty. I wanted to capture the serenity and tranquillity of sitting by a crackling campfire accompanied by our partner and favourite pet. Featured in the image is a two-toned red and white Armadillo trailer with its awning extended. The Armadillo trailer is a revival of an all-time classic and favourite; the Boler camper. Bolers are fibreglass trailers first built in the early 60s. They had distinct curved rounded corners, adding to the sleek styling and retro lines. Because of their durability and lightweight, they have become highly sought after and a favourite with lightweight camping folk in Canada. Their compact, easy-to-maneuver characteristics allow it to be taken almost anywhere, allowing the freedom of adventure and discovery. Camping will enable one to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of urban living. It’s a time to reflect and recharge, and relax. Camping is the best way to visit new places while, at the same time, it gives us a sense of respect and admiration for the natural world.

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