Retro Airstream Travel Poster



The Enderby Cliffs Retro Airstream is a vintage travel trailer designed to look like an Airstream trailer from the 1960s. Airstream trailers are known for their distinctive rounded, silver exteriors and are considered a classic and iconic type of recreational vehicle (RV). The Enderby Cliffs Retro Airstream is a retro-inspired version of an Airstream trailer, with a retro colour scheme and design elements that harken back to the aesthetics of the 1960s.

The exterior of the Enderby Cliffs Retro Airstream features a shiny silver finish and a classic Airstream design, with a rounded body and small windows. The trailer has a single entry door and a series of windows that allow natural light to enter the interior. It also has a small awning attached to the side, providing shade and shelter when the trailer is parked.

With the Enderby Cliffs positioned in the distant background and the camper crossing the bridge over the Shuswap River, this design takes inspiration from all things Okanagan. 

Overall, the Enderby Cliffs Retro Airstream is a nostalgically designed travel trailer that pays tribute to the classic Airstream trailers of the past for those who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of travelling in an RV and RV lifestyle.

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