Pontiac Bonneville 59


I have a soft spot for nostalgic classic cars of the 50s and 60s. Inspired by the space race and the rapidly growing jet age, much of the styling of the cars of those eras is evident. With dramatic sweeping lines, fins, and tails suggesting the speed and excitement of the jet age. With a heavy emphasis on aesthetics, it was more about looks rather than functionality. The Pontiac Bonneville depicted dates to 1959. It was easily recognized by the long distinct angled fins that extended to the rear tail lights. The grill was also very unique in that it extended right across from each horizontal double headlight_ something that would change drastically in the following years. This piece is as much about the car, as the background. I wanted to suggest a sense of nostalgia for the neon lights on the Sunset Strip in Vegas or Florida. The dramatic sunset sky adds drama and nostalgia. I was able to add those sky colours to the reflections in the car polish and wet pavement. This would make an eye-catching addition to any car enthusiast’s interior walls or mancave garage. What a way to celebrate the motor age of a bygone era.

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