Come Fly With Me



I’m old enough to remember when air travel was an exciting and luxurious way of travel and when service and style were benchmarks of the air travel industry–when there was a sense of possibility and freedom to travel and explore new places. At the same time, it also conveys a sense of adventure and excitement and the thrill of taking to the skies. Whether viewed as a simple, aesthetic pleasure or as a meditation on the human desire to soar above the earth, “Come Fly with Me” is a unique and evocative work of art of a bygone era when the world was a lot less complicated and authentic and travel-friendly.

The image is meant for those who appreciate the nostalgia of air travel during the ‘good ol’ days’
The underside of the 747 wings and its massive engines draw one’s eye to the lone central sleek, stylish flight stewardess walking towards the viewer, who appears almost dwarfed by its sheer size. A 747 is parked on the tarmac in the distance, adding depth to the composition. The sky is dotted with faded luggage location tags from airports worldwide.

The limited pallet choice adds to the retro-nostalgic feel of the era. This is one of the few landscape formats I did to add depth and interest using vintage travel tags.

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