Think Outside: Mountain Bike


(All Prices in Canadian Dollars)

The world slowly emerges from the death grip of a global pandemic and its accompanying consequences: travel, social, and work restrictions. The isolation was enough to drive any sane person mad. 

Hence, the slogan, “think outside; no box required” was born (I consider myself a non-conformist at heart and as such delight in slogans that affirm that in a tongue-in-cheek manner).

Dreams of mountain biking in the great outdoors with the fresh air, away from the congestion of the city and urban life–nothing is more healing for the body, mind, and soul. Nature has incredible healing powers to make us feel whole and complete. Gone is the ‘box’ society tries to fit us into, whether that box is social pressures, the cubicle you work in, or the apartment you are forced to isolate in.

Reconnect with nature in all its glory. The mountain trails are calling, so get out there and answer that call! Pedal those social pressures away with every unrestricted gulp of fresh air! 

Image inspiration was drawn from my years riding the numerous challenging and exciting North Shore trails of Vancouver, British Columbia. Feeling dwarfed by the giant cedars, damp moss-carpeted forest, and snow-melted streams are just some of the things that come to mind.

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