Retro Ride on the Wild Side



Inspired by Lowe Reed’s song, Walk on the Wild Side. This will appeal to any thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie and will make a perfect statement in any cyclist man cave or studio. This slogan art was created by me in 2020 as part of my Pedal Power collection. It features a rider suspended in mid-jump. I wanted this design to be bold yet simple using the word RIDE font as a backdrop to the stunt-riding mountain biker. I broke from convention here by using the slogan as the main feature of the background. 

Mountain biking is a lifestyle that can be hugely rewarding, bringing with it many health and psychological benefits and new discoveries in nature. It is a wildly exciting, exhilarating, and liberating sport. It provides an escape from the mundane cycle of urban living. I got into the sport decades ago, back when it was in its infancy. The sport and bikes have evolved tremendously since then, but the simple childlike joy one gets riding in nature remains. 

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