Bike Hard



I am a road cyclist at heart. Road cycling was how I started seriously getting into the sport many moons ago. This design is a great addition to anyone needing a bit of visual motivation while they sweat out those painful hours pedaling their way to fitness and race-ready shape. Unless you are a professional, you likely don’t have the luxury of training daily for endless hours. It’s all about maximized effort versus minimal time. One way of attaining quick fitness is to go hard! 

My design process for this piece began with the slogan. The slogan, “Bike Hard” came to me from an unrelated source. I was watching a parody movie called ‘Walk Hard’ and just loved the funny title. 

This is one of my early designs that was part of my ‘Road’ series I created in 2013. I wanted the outcome to have a retro yet contemporary feel. The design was made in a Sheppard Fairey-inspired style, as I am a big fan of his graffiti poster style and use of bold, stark lighting and minimalist colors. I limited my color choices to create a dramatic effect and bold lines and made the background pattern from scratch using different bike components. 

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