Mountain Bike Dirt Jumper



If there is ever a moment that captures the essence of mountain biking in the great outdoors, it is this image: a mountain biker gliding through the fresh crisp mountain air, silhouetted against a setting crimson sky. It’s the unity of rider and bike, man and machine in the poetry of motion in nature’s playground. This image conjures the cliche ‘riding into the sunset’. 

Every adrenaline thrill seeker knows the incredible feeling of travelling at the speed of the bike down a single-track trail, focused on the winding trail, drop, and rock outcrop ahead. It’s what the great outdoors is all about: giving all your senses a life-affirming recharge. Nature IS food for the soul! 

I drew inspiration from the years of riding on the Central and North Okanagan trails of British Columbia, my natural playground. Nothing beats the invigoration you get there, away from the bustle and clutter of urban life. The region had so many trails, but there were always new ones to discover. Rain or shine, the trails were always calling. At times, it would require hosing myself down after getting spattered with mud. But no matter the mess, I would be back at it again.

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