Mont Ventoux


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Mont Ventoux is a mountain in the Provence region of France known for its challenging cycling routes. The hill is often featured in the Tour de France, a prestigious annual cycling race in France and neighbouring countries. Mont Ventoux is particularly famous within the Tour de France for its steep, challenging climbs, which have often played a key role in determining the race’s overall winner. The mountain is 1,912 meters (6,273 feet) tall and is known for its exposed, barren summit, often battered by strong winds. The climb up Mont Ventoux is considered one of the toughest in professional cycling, with gradients reaching up to 20% in some sections. Despite its reputation as a formidable challenge, Mont Ventoux remains a popular destination for professional and amateur cyclists, who come from all over the world to test themselves against its steep slopes. Its iconic status within the Tour de France and the cycling world make it a must-see destination for any cycling enthusiast. The artwork’s composition is dynamic, with the road biker’s posture and the angle of the road creating a sense of movement and energy. The retro styling and bold colours are also effective in conveying the feeling of the challenge of Tour de France mountain stages and represent the yellow of the leader’s jersey. This will appeal to road cyclists and Tour de France fans who appreciate the extreme dedication and toughness of the sport.

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