Minimalist TT Rider


The rider is shown wearing a TT helmet, aero bars, and a skinsuit and is shown in a dynamic frontal view with both arms extended as he comes into a turn. The background is a solid blue colour with a stylized sunset stopwatch. The artwork has a minimalist style, with a limited colour palette consisting of blue and white, clean lines, and simple shapes. The use of negative space and the simplified depiction of the rider and their bike adds to the minimalist aesthetic of the piece. Time trial riding, also known as “individual time trial,” is a type of cycling race in which riders compete against the clock rather than against each other. Time trial events are often held on specialized courses that are relatively flat and straight, allowing riders to achieve high speeds. Time trial riding requires a different skill set than road racing, as riders must pace themselves and optimize their aerodynamics to achieve the best time. Time trial bikes and equipment are designed specifically for this purpose, with features such as aerodynamic handlebars, frames, and special shoes and helmets to reduce wind resistance and drag. Time trial riding is a popular discipline within the sport of cycling and is often used to determine the overall winner of a stage race. It is also a popular event at the Olympic Games. This would be a great addition to any wall or space for someone who has appreciation is still a visually striking and dynamic piece that would make a great addition to any home or office space, particularly for cycling enthusiasts or fans of minimalist design.

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