Live to Ride, Ride to Live



Designed for the avid mountain bike and outdoor sports enthusiast who eats and breathes the great outdoors. I wanted to convey a sense of the grandeur of natural elements, of the snow-capped mountains gleaming in the sunlight. Traversing the foreground are two riders silhouetted against the majestic mountains in the distance.

Mountain biking is a sport that requires nothing more than a sense of adventure and exploration. It’s a great way to stay fit and see nature in its wild beauty and glory. It’s also an activity that leaves a low carbon footprint and minimal impact on the landscape. 

The design’s title is a good mantra to live by. Live to ride, ride to live, because what a dull life it would be without play and adventure. This piece was one of the first I designed in my mountain bike series and has been hugely successful, ultimately leading me to create more designs of the activity I love.

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