Hard as Nails


This is a vintage-styled cycling poster featuring an old-time cycling professional of the 40s and 50s era. Back then, cycling was not the glamorous or high-paying sport of today. Unlike the current big-budget teams, complete with an entourage of support personnel, back then, cycling was a challenging, gritty sport where riders often had to take care of their support, repairs and even maintenance. With little medical support, if there were a crash, riders would hop back on their bikes and continue when possible. Professional cycling is arguably one of the most physically demanding sports out there. This poster is a nod to those challenging and passionate sportsmen with iron wills and laser-focused determination. Being a champion takes an exceptional person of mental character and physique. The poster style and limited colour choice just add to the nostalgic feel of a bygone era. The slogan adds an element of inspiration for the present and upcoming aspiring sportsmen. Perfect motivation for that mancave, when suffering, sweet pouring down your face as one pushes the boundaries of physical pain and endurance.

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