Forest Log Jumper



Inspired by and depicting a thick northwest forest typical of many BC trails, a mountain biker is descending over a fallen tree. There are numerous trails like this all over BC.

This design will be appreciated by thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies or anyone with a sense of adventure. It’s for the person who can’t get enough of the great outdoors and has a love of mountain biking. After all, a skilled mountain biker is a balance of those things, someone with quick reflexes and a good judgment of risk versus reward. 

Mountain biking brings out pure childlike joy from the thrill of riding challenging terrain. There’s nothing quite like riding in the ‘zone’ when reflexes and speed are in perfect tune. It’s a great way to exercise and get your heart pumping, reducing the risk of disease by strengthening your immune system. It also improves mental health and well-being by releasing endorphins. Who wouldn’t want that? 

My design process starts with an idea and evolves with a bunch of rough sketches. My sketchbook is kind of like my ideation diary for future possible designs. Sometimes the sketch is transferred into Procreate or Illustrator. 

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