Cyclocross Mud


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Running with your bike is probably not what comes to mind when you think of cycling. Cycling’s unique cyclocross competition combines the two disciplines.

It resembles off-road cycling in specific ways. A closed track with some paved but essentially dirt, gravel, or sand roads is used for cyclocross racing.

On circuits that are between 2.5 and 3.5 kilometres long, the races are typically brief and intense. Riders may be required to dismount and run while carrying their bikes over obstacles and steps on the courses.

Inclement weather will make it too difficult to ride all sections of the course, which compels cyclists to run through sand or mud to go through areas of the course. This is why races are frequently held in the winter or fall.

This striking and visually dynamic piece of art celebrates the challenge and excitement of cyclocross racing. The colour palette and composition capture the energy of the effort and will appeal to those who love the sport.

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