Big Foot: Hide and Seek Champion



There are many tales of Sasquatch inhabiting the remote areas of North America and the Himalayas. These mysterious hairy creatures are thought to inhabit dense forests and high mountains. The Canadian name Sasquatch is the anglicized version of sasq’ ets from the Sts’ailes aboriginals.

I felt like having fun with the elusive nature of Big Foot by using a tongue-in-cheek slogan: Undefeated Hide and Seek Champion. After all, there has been no successful capture of these hairy beasts to this day, despite many efforts by well-intentioned researchers and opportunists.

Being the avid cyclist that I am, I thought, “why not think outside the box” and have him ride a mountain bike? This is a great t-shirt design for those who want a fun and cheeky quote.

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