Think Outside

Part of my winter snowboard collection of designs. In 2022 when much of the world was amid lockdowns and forced isolations inside the confines of homes and apartments, I came up with this slogan as a humorous and defiant take on the pandemic fever that was rampant everywhere. Contrary to the constant mainstream drumming of staying indoors, I wanted to promote the opposite.

A tongue-in-cheek take on the traditional saying, “think outside the box,” I took it one step further and eliminated the box! Snowboarding is a sport of freedom and enjoying natural elements, so I wanted to convey that free spirit and natural beauty when I did this piece. The exhilaration of flying through the air and exploring slopes was my inspiration for this one.

In this design, a snowboard features prominently in the top half, caught in an action shot in a mid-air aerial stunt against a backdrop of steep snow-covered mountains in line work. The style and limited pallet give the piece a distinctly retro feel and vibe. There is a dynamism with the snowboarder in a vertical drop as he drops down the steep slope. True freedom without the box!

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