Cycling Legs


A retro-modern stylized interpretation of a road cyclist inspired by The Tour de France cycle stage race. This piece is a homage to the athleticism and dedication to the sport. A sport that is  raced on paved roads over long distances and through difficult terrain. There are several types of races in cycling, including one-day races, stage races, and Grand Tours.

One-day races, also known as Classics, are one-day events that typically cover 200-300 kilometres. These races are well known for their rugged terrain, which frequently includes steep hills and cobblestone sections.

One-day races include the Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders.

Stage races are multi-day events that cover hundreds of kilometres in length, with the winner determined by their overall time.

These races are notorious for their arduous nature, with riders confronted with a variety of different terrains and conditions daily.

Overall, professional road cycling is a challenging and exciting sport that is enjoyed by millions of fans around the world. Its combination of athleticism, strategy, and the beautiful landscapes that the riders race through make it a captivating and thrilling spectacle.

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