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Velo Art and other pedal powered insights

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Velo Art and other pedal powered insights

A very velo hello, to my fellow cycling enthusiasts. I am Sassan, a cycling veteran of 45 years with a passion for the sport. I have competed on an elite level for a number of years many moons ago, but ride now purely for the pleasure and thrill it gives me. As you will see in this blog, I am also an artist, and what better way to combine my two passions.
Lately I've been reflecting on why I am so attracted to this great sport. I find I need to ride, for when I don't the open roads or trails call out to me. I am a physical type of guy, who needs some sort of physical activity as part of my well being. For me, cycling is much more than a means of keeping fit; cycling has a spiritual element to it as well. The other day it dawned on me the reason I love to cycle is this yearning to be in 'the zone'. All athletes are familiar with 'the zone'. The zone is like a spiritual oneness with the activity, when you are not fighting or struggling but when things seem to flow seamlessly, and there is a sense of 'oneness' between man machine, nature, the environment. Cycling, as with any sport has a psychologic element to it. One has to stop the chatter of the mind, so as to lift the veil and let the energy flow freely where its needs to be.