Bicycle Art Collection

Designed for the cycling aficionados & mountain bikers

Cycling Digital Art

Bicycle designs made with the competitive cycler and off-grid mountain biker in mind.

Cycling is a combination of movement and nature: two amazing healers for the body, mind, and soul. Mountain biking is especially an excellent activity for those who wish to escape the congestion and stress of city life and reconnect with Mother Nature. Surrounded by damp, moss-carpeted forest, snow-melted streams, and an abundance of fresh air, the stressors of everyday life dissipate. 

SF Design Studio’s cycling collection is a celebration of play, adventure, history, and sport. In this series, Sassan depicts the rough beauty of various mountainous and hilly terrain and captures the rush of defying gravity through pure skill and risk-taking. Many of the images in the mountain bike series were inspired by Sassan’s years of biking the numerous North Shore trails of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The mountain trails and urban bike lanes are calling! Will you answer the call?

Bike Designs