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Bring the Adventure Home

Sassan Filsoof is a Canadian artist based in British Columbia, Canada. He makes art for the thrill seekers. The aficionados. The adventurous souls who chase an active lifestyle and can never get enough of exploring the great outdoors.

As a kindred soul to his audience, Sassan’s work spans several themes from extreme sports like mountain biking and alpine skiing to an appreciation for the craft of motor vehicles. No matter his subject, he imbues his designs with a sense of adventure and wonderment.

Throughout his works, you’ll find simple colour palettes with solid, bold colours and a distinct use of shadows to create a vintage ambiance. Where you’ll find texture, you’ll find motion: the spray of powdered snow, the white, foamy rush of ocean waves, and the piercing golden rays of sunlight through a forest canopy. Sassan’s aim is not just to capture a moment, but to capture the joy of playing in the natural world.





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